TINA & THE GUCCI FLIP FLOP is a comedic animated series based on the creator, Xavier Burgin's @XLNB, long form viral Twitter story. Xavier has created over thirty Twitter stories, including The TwerkulationThe Patti PatBust It Open 4 Daddy 421Tariq The CheatThe Barbershop Chronicles, & Big Donk Susan. Still, no other story he's created has gained the love, following, & viral notoriety than TINA AND THE GUCCI FLIP FLOP. It is currently under a development contract between Her Pictures and Gunpowder & Sky.

Tina skyrocketed Xavier from a following of 8,000 to 25,000+ overnight. The Twitter story was featured on ComplexBuzzfeedImgurReddit

Global GrindThought CatalogDistractifyClutch Magazine, and more! He now has a following of over 60k, and verified status, all thanks to this amazing Twitter saga. Xavier has the unique ability as a social media influencer to access an audience with total immediacy. He leveraged this following to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $36,000! 

What was once planned as a live action short is now being developed into a black animated series in an effort to access hungry black animation audiences everywhere! Thus, Her Pictures and Xavier are seeking an investor to help bring our project into animation production. 

Social Issues(s): Black female empowerment, LGBT, male-female power dynamics, African-American issues


Filmmakers Diversity Demographic(s): African American filmmaker, African-American Male and female Writers, African American female Animator, Latino female illustrator, female producer


Target Audience(s): African-American, animation audiences, graphic novel and comic readers, Filmmaker's 60k plus Twitter following 


Additional Projects in development based on this property: 

Completed Graphic Novel by the same name


Logline: Tina finds herself trapped in a closet when her lover's lover comes home. It's a tale of betrayal, cheating, and being literally and metaphorically trapped in closets. 


Synopsis: Tina follows the life of TINA JEFFERIES, a black, millennial, talent assistant navigating love, heartbreak, friends, & ambition in Empire City, the mecca of black culture, as she finds herself in a new age of social media, sexually liberated freedom, awkward situationships, and do-it-yourself wealth and position. The series explores Tina’s ventures as an up and coming, soon-to-be talent agent, her aspirations to be a self-made pop culture curator (think Necole Bitchie/Perez Hilton), her quest to find real love, and her complicated relationship with longtime friend and filmmaker, Xavier, and their new roommate, Chris.

Director/Writer: Xavier Burgin

Co-Writer: Thembi Banks

Illustrations by: Celia Moscote

Animation by: Caress Reeves

Executive Producers:

Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, The King of Kong, Identity Thief)

Will Packer (Straight Outta Compton, Ride Along, Stomp The Yard)

Dana Delany (Desperate Housewives, Hand of God, Fly Away Home)

Michael Buissereth (Campaign's Anonymous)

Producer: Jenna Cavelle 

Associate Producers:

Jennifer Weiner (New York Times Bestseller, NYT Opinions Writer)

Anne Sweeney (Board of Directors Netflix, Former Disney ABC Television Group, Fox Film, TV & Sports) 

G.L. Lambert (Solving Single, Men Don't Love Women Like You, Black Girls Are Easy)


TINA (25), an over-achieving successful, black woman living in Los Angeles, California. Tina is the home girl who’s always conquering new goals, achieving new feats, and living the life youwish you could...? or so it seems. She’s an assistant at Hollywood’s biggest agency. Tina is independent, open-minded, and intensely creative. She’s what any man could want or ask for...at least, that’s what she tells herself. With an extremely long and rigid list of must-haves for the men she dates, she often chooses the wrong guys, which usually results in heartbreak and/orunbelievably hysterical situations. To make matters worse, Tina’s job is very demanding due to her damn near sociopathic boss, plus the mere mention of her company’s name, causes everyone she meets, especially love-interests, to try and take advantage of her position and status. With life coming fast and hard from all directions, Tina finds solace in the irony of all her daily struggles.

XAVIER (26), a pudgy, short, anxiety-filled filmmaker trying to “break through” in Hollywood. Xavier loves video games, cartoons, anime, and of course, film. He’s the nerdy homeboy in highschool who grew up and said, “Fuck it, I’m getting out of this Podunk town in Mississippi and following my dreams.” Xavier excels in everything he does, except for the ladies. He’s the guy you’d marry in your forties, but never date in your twenties. This makes him wonder if anybodyreally likes him for anything outside of his accomplishments. Xavier’s biggest flaw is that he over-thinks everything so much, that opportunities pass him by. His hesitance and anxiety always bite him in the ass, causing him to rack up a sea of regrets. Case in point, his unrequited love for Tina. As X grapples with his lack of self-confidence, he comes to terms with forcing himself to live life out loud.

CHRIS (25), a phenomenal writer with a need to tell the next great story. Unfortunately, he’s stuck in the dumpy abyss of an all-black reality TV series. Chris views himself as the next August Wilson mixed with a bit of Aaron Sorkin, but he’s only been able to find work on Love & Hip Hop-esque “reality” shows in Los Angeles. This has made him short tempered and cynical. He’s so sardonic that most people aren’t sure if he’s joking, being rude or both. Chris moved out of the apartment with his longtime boyfriend, Kevin, after he caught him cheating with Tina. Now, he’s stuck staying with this best friend from childhood, Xavier. The caveat...he’s roommates with Tina, the woman who stuck the last dagger in his relationship. Chris, unable to completely cut the strings with Kevin has to figure out if he can forgive and forget or, move on.

KEVIN (28), a handsome, dark, ebony chocolate actor who is “up and coming” in the film industry, at least according to his website. To the men and women, he gets freaky with, he’s better known as “Community Dick.” He can make the panties or the boxers drop with the wink of an eye. He’s a terrible actor, but his handsome face and million-dollar smile keep landing him gigs and a chance to sleep with practically anyone he chooses. Still, underneath his suave exterior is a man deeply afraid of commitment due to folks always treating him like a trophy instead of a human being. Kevin is left to figure out if screwing everything that walks is more important than finding someone who will love you unconditionally.