Thirst is an original and completed feature film screenplay currently being shopped for financing and production. The genre is environmental/crime thriller.


Social Issues:  climate change, water crises, economic inequality, race, culture, crime, violence, family, coming of age, sexuality


Filmmakers’ diversity demographic: Iranian-American director; Iranian American and African American screenwriters; Iranian-American, Female and Spanish producers; African American, Latino, Middle-Eastern, and Asian cast; Iranian American cinematographer; Spanish film composer.


Target Audience:  14 yo +, urban, Caucasian, African-American, Latino, Asian, environmental activists, thriller audiences 


Logline: During a catastrophic drought in near future Los Angeles, three young inner city friends looking for a better life, get more than they bargained for when they become bootleggers for a nefarious water dealer.


Synopsis:  In the near future, warming temperatures and an industrial spill have all but depleted California’s already scarce water reserves. As a result a severe water rationing program has been put in place in all major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles. While the wealthy are able to import water from out of state, they are taxed at a higher rate to fund a barebones public water program that allows members of every family upto 5 gallons of drinking water per week.


Andre, Sev and Aleks are three young friends living in the epicenter of the disaster: Boyle Heights, East LA. ANDRE is a 17 year old black teen who lives with his hard working mother and adorable baby sister. SEV (16) is of Armenian descent and lives with this strict but loving family. Aleks 17 lives with his alcoholic father and older sister. While by day the three friends are enrolled in an occupational program, they are facing the reality of soaring unemployment and non-existent social mobility. As minorities living in the violent and destitute inner city their future is even more bleak than most. So to make ends meet, they’ve taken to small time criminal activities. Stealing and selling scrap metal and “slake” -- the term for unfilitered water found from dubious sources. The risks are high, the rewards low.


Their lives are forever changed when a chance encounter leads them to steal a classic sports car which unbeknownst to them belongs to Gomorrah,  a notorious gangster who deals in the highly lucrative but dangerous underground water cartels. Impressed by their ambition and thirst for a better life, Gomorrah opts to recruit the three friends as runners for his extremely lucrative water bootleg operation.  With nothing to lose and everything to gain, the three friends seize the opportunity and jump headfirst into Gomorrah’s seductive world, which before long brings everything they love, including each other, to the brink of ruin, forcing them to question what it is they thirst for the most.



Director: Siavash Farahani

Screenwriter: Siavash Farahani, Juel Taylor        

Producers: Jenna Cavelle, Siavash Farahani

Cinematography: Maz Makhani        

Music: Eduardo Cruz

Similiar themes and audience:  Grand Theft Auto video game series, Drive,The Departed, Sicario, Scarface, Straight Out of Compton, Menace to Society, Collateral, Training Day, Narc, New Jack City, Boyz in the Hood, Chinatown.