Imagine a world in which humans no longer reign at the top of the food chain. A world in which a strain of humanity has evolved overtime to become Homo ascendants. This species sleeps during the day and comes out at night. They feed specifically on the flesh and blood of Homo sapiens to survive. They are stronger, faster, and more durable than Homo sapiens...and they rule over us all. Their only weakness is sunlight. It kills them.

The Human Liberation Front (The HLF), a rebel group of humans who live within the city of Los Angeles, blend in with the common populace of Homo sapiens as servants, pets, and even “free homo sapiens.”

The HLF devise a plan to eradicate the Homo ascendant by concocting a virus that turns homo ascendants into bloodthirsty, ravenous versions of themselves hell-bent on feeding upon any flesh or blood around them including other Homo ascendants.

The infected Homo ascendant is completely devoid of cognitive thinking. They only desire to eat. They are faster, stronger, more agile, and more violent. Their inability to respond to pain or fear, makes them more susceptible to venture out during the daytime to find prey, in return, killing themselves.

HLF plans to infect Homo ascendants through their food supply and try their best to hideout and survive the massive outbreak until the Homo ascendant species dies out. That proves much more difficult than planned when certain infected Homo ascendants become immune to sunlight.

We live in an alternate universe, unlike our own. At an unspecified time, the Earth begins to rotate in dangerous proximity to the edges of the habitable zone (the region around a star which it is theoretically possible for a planet to sustain life), and rotates on its axis at a much slower rate, making our days excruciatingly hot and long, and our nights unbearably cold, forcing humanity to only come out at night, and use extreme forms of protection during the day.

A strain of humanity evolved over time to adapt to their new surroundings thus becoming Homo ascendant. These humans sleep during the day, and come out at night. They feed specifically on the flesh and blood of Homo sapiens to survive. They are stronger, faster, and more durable and now...they rule the world.


Homo ascendant and Homo sapiens share Earth, with Homo ascendant atop the hierarchy of dominance. The course of human history and our living arrangements have stayed primarily consistent. Homo ascendants of varying countries go to war with one another. We have famine, poverty, wealth, and decadence. Homo ascendants go to school, parties, clubs, grocery shopping, and visit family just as we do. They are not uncivilized or ravenous; they live lives of perpetual mundane existence as we do.

The key difference being their evolution has led them to retain a high vulnerability towards daylight. If exposed to daylight, without proper protection, for even a short period of time, Homo ascendants could die. Thus, daytime for us is nighttime for them.

Homo sapiens live with and amongst Homo ascendants as second-class citizens. Homo sapiens have one main function in Homo ascendant society, food. Homo sapiens are predominately herded (these humans derogatorily named, The Herd) for their blood and body parts for Homo ascendant consumption. Some Homo sapiens are used as servants and pets, while other homo sapiens have formed resistance groups bent on freeing themselves from subjugation.

The New Breed is an episodic series currently being written by Xavier Burgin. The pilot episode is currently in development with Xavier Burgin and Her Pictures. 


Social Issue(s): Oppression, Race, Intersectionality, Violence


Filmmakers Diversity Demographic(s): African-American 


Target Audience: Teens, Youth, Sci-Fi Enthusiasts, Horror Enthusiasts, Walking Dead Fans, Anti-Racism Organizations 


Logline: The New Breed is a gritty, sci-fi drama that follows humanity’s fightback for liberation from their enslavers Homo ascendants. 

Writer: Xavier Burgin

Producers: Jenna Cavelle