On Time is a completed short film currently in festivals and streaming on all HBO platforms. On Time is also an original and completed feature film screenplay currently being shopped for financing and production by Her Pictures. It is based on the existing short film property.


Social Issues(s): Poverty, Oppression, Black Motherhood, Foster Homes, Police Brutality, African-American issues, Homelessness 


Filmmakers Diversity Demographic(s): African American Filmmaker, Black Male Filmmaker, African-American Writers, African American Woman Writer


Target Audience(s): African-American Community, Policymakers, Government Leaders, Los Angeles residents, Anti-Poverty Organizations, Human Rights Organizations, 


Additional Projects in development based on this property: Feature film titled On Time. Webseries based on short film titled On Time


Logline: Renee Johnson, a mother living in South Central LA, must make a difficult decision when she's late for her job interview. 


Synopsis: On Time follows the life of Renee Johnson, a mother forced to make a dangerous decision for the sake of her child. Six months unemployed and desperate, Renee realizes this isn't the life she want for her seven-year-old daughter, Imani. Renee receives an interview for a job, but doesn't have the funds to keep her in daycare. So on a hot, searing Los Angeles day, Renee leaves Imani in the car as she goes in for her interview. Renee lands the job, but walks outside to find cops breaking into her car to take Imani away. Renee watches as her child is taken away, and she's arrested for trying to find a better path for herself and her daughter.

For many, our protagonist's only crime was being black, poor, and female. For others, regardless of her situation, her decision was reprehensible. Still, it is not cut and dry. While the inspiration for the story found help, I want to follow the normal trajectory. Where most parents are on their own.

On Time came into fruition through researching stories of the juvenile dependency court as well as foster families, and foster homes. Many people (and most audiences) have never seen the reunification process for parents and children, children's court, the workload of children protective services caseworkers, or the overwhelming disparity parents of color find themselves in when dealing with juvenile court. I want to bring these problems out in the open. An audience should leave this film emotionally moved, with an open mind to learning more about the legal system for parents and children in regards to the reunification process.

TRT: 8:17

Director/Co-Writer: Xavier Burgin

Co-Writer: Tiara Marshall

Producers: Kendra Cole, Tony Ducret, Angelica Lopez, Tim Astor

Associate Producers: Mario Rodriguez, Jenna Cavelle

Cinematography: Mario Rodriguez

Edit: Angelica Lopez

Sound: Juel Taylor

Score: Erick Schroder


Best Director - Sunscreen Film Festival West 
Finalist - HBO Short Film Competition 
Finalist - American Black Film Festival 
Winner - 1st Place Student Short Films - Magnolia Independent Film Festival 
Winner - 2nd Place Super Shorts Category - Anchorage International Film Festival
Winner - Student Shorts - Denton Black Film Festival


Best Director - Sunscreen Film Festival West 
Finalist - HBO Short Film Competition 
Finalist - American Black Film Festival 
Magnolia Independent Film Festival 

*Winner - 1st Place Student Short Films 

Anchorage International Film Festival
*Winner - 2nd Place Super Shorts Category -
Denton Black Film Festival

*Winner - Student Shorts 

Official Selection - Terminus Film Festival
Official Filmmaker Spotlight Section - Capital City Black Film Festival
Official Selection - SAG AFTRA Short Film Showcase
Official Selection - Urbanworld Film Festival
Official Selection - Indie Night Film Festival
Official Selection - Black Harvest Film Festival
Official Selection - Burbank International Film Festival
Official Selection - Tulsa American Film Festival
Official Selection - 25th Pan African Film Festival
Official Selection - Hollywood Black Film Festival
Official Selection - Legacy of Black Women Film Showcase
Official Selection - Underexposed Film Festival YC