The Interpreter is a proof of concept short film (in pre-production) for a feature film (in development) by Her Pictures. It is based off of the true story of former US Army soldier, CIA analyst, and founder of No One Left Behind (NOLB), Matt Zeller, and his Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari. NOLB is a non-profit designed to help bring Iraqi and Afghan Interpreters to America. This page is home for information and updates for both the short and feature films. 

Logline: An Afghan interpreter working for the U.S. military is hunted by the Taliban while seeking asylum.


Synopsis: Saiffulah and his daughter Hadiah run for their lives hiding from house to house as the Taliban viciously hunt them down. Janis, a former interpreter for the American forces, has moved to the top of the Taliban’s most wanted list and they will stop at nothing to kill him and his daughter. Janis’ last hope is his former boss and Army Officer Lt. Matt Zeller who must fight in America to get Janis and his daughter their visas out of Afghanistan.

DIRECTOR: Robert Ham

WRITERS: Robert Ham and Jenna Cavelle

PRODUCERS: Jenna Cavelle, Michael Taylor, Katrina Kudlick

CO-PRODUCER: Omar Al Dakheel, Crystal Keshawarz

Social Issues: Interpreters, Middle East, war, refugees, violence, Afghanistan, Iraq, foreign policy.


Filmmakers’ diversity demographic: Afghanistan war veteran writer/director; Armenian American writer/director; female producer; Middle-Eastern, Veteran actors and crew.


Target Audience: 18 yo +, Middle-eastern, Veteran, American, refugee activists, war/thriller/horror audiences.