The Ace is a completed narrative short film currently in festivals. It is a co-production between Her Pictures, Bonita Films and the USC Media Institute for Social Change. Currently a feature-length screenplay is being developed. 


Logline: After being diagnosed HIV positive, a young high school teacher must confront a concerned parent to maintain his dignity and find acceptance within himself and from those around him.


Synopsis: Miles Parker is a young, hip English teacher at an idyllic, suburban private school. He is handsome, charismatic, and popular among his students. Miles uses superheroes as a device to interest them in mythology and classical archetypes, but is met with skepticism from Grayson, an often-distracted football jock. Miles sees Grayson’s potential and tries his best to spark an interest in academics. 


When an ex-lover calls to tell Miles that he should immediately see a doctor and he is soon diagnosed with HIV, Miles’ world seems to crumble as the medication he’s prescribed for the rest of his life takes a physical toll and he’s put at odds with a concerned parent who fears her son could be in danger. Miles must struggle to maintain his dignity and find acceptance within himself and from those around him.

Social Issue(s): HIV in the 21st Century, discrimination, homophobia, LGBT relationships, representation and popular culture.


Filmmakers' diversity demographic(s): LGBT, Latino


Target Audience(s): LGBT community and activists, post AIDS-crisis generations, policymakers, government leaders.


Additional Projects in development based on this property:

Feature film titled The Ace by writer/director Guillermo Ortiz Pichardo


TRT: 15:54 minutes with credits

DIRECTOR/WRITER: Guillermo Ortiz Pichardo

PRODUCERS: Jenna Cavelle, John Palmer


ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Marc Cartwright, Baker Chase, Ryan Christensen

SCORE: Gabriel Torrado Tobón

Festivals: 2016 Morelia International Film Festival, Mexico - Inaugural Sexual Diversity Program.

Copyright: Her Pictures, LLC 2016