Recluse is an original and completed feature film screenplay. The genre is a contained political thriller.


Social Issues:  economic inequality, race, crime, family, coming of age, sexuality, American values, freedom of speech and of the press, climate change.


Filmmakers’ diversity demographic: Female writer/director


Target Audience: Millennials, Activists, Cinefiles


Logline: Amid a brewing civil war, Elizabeth, a sick recluse, impregnates herself with her clone and trains her to fight against the new system. When her medical condition worsens, she is confronted with the choice of raising her protege or harvesting their organs to save her life. 


Synopsis: A civil war is looming. America has elected a new leader who has promised to cater to the marginalized, the unemployed and the weak. Under his regime, he declares America’s independence and succeeds from the UN. Democracy is a construct of the past, scolded in history books for leading the country astray. Now, on the Leader’s ninth year of presidency, the streets of America have been rid of everyone who opposes the government, the “radicals”.

Elizabeth,  spends each day watching Entertainment 1 News - America’s sole news station - taking care of her senile mother and avoiding the attention of her neighbors. When her friend is murdered by the , with no one left to talk to, she decides to create someone who will think like her: a clone. 

When a kicking and screaming Elizabeth delivers a new version of herself, she directs her attention to teaching Little Elizabeth about the dictator who has taken over America and how she must take him out. As California attempts to succeed from America, Elizabeth attempts to educate Little Elizabeth. When the President seizes properties and quarantines streets, Elizabeth forces Little Elizabeth into a year long silence to remind her of the value of her voice. Elizabeth will stop at nothing to prepare Little Elizabeth to continue the tradition of the radicals before her. 

As Elizabeth’s health worsens, she tackles with the decision of letting her protege leave the house and confront the world outside or harvesting her organs to save herself. Will either have any impact on the world outside of them? 



Similar themes and audience: V for Vendetta, The Elephant Man, The Lobster, The Piano, The Lives of Others, Dr. Strangelove