Paris Window is a feature film co production with Her Pictures, Relentless Escargot Productions and Freedom 2K Films. The film is currently running the festival circuit.

Logline: Set entirely in the apartment of infatuated adult siblings Julian and Sunny, PARIS WINDOW follows the damaging effects of a series of hypnosis informercials on the socially and emotionally stunted pair. With creeping intensity, delusional brother and sister turn on each other as Julian becomes convinced he’s the victim of a conspiracy when Sunny begins dating a man who looks exactly like him. 


Synopsis: Brother Julian and sister Sunny live together in a sparse two-bedroom apartment in a city somewhere in America. They spend their days ritualistically: she leaves for work in the morning at an undisclosed job and he works from home transcribing dictation.

During one dinner, Sunny tells Julian that she’s met someone. A man. Julian is immediately suspicious and confused; who is this interloper? What does he want with Sunny? When he returns her home after their first date, Julian realizes that the share more than just an obsession with Sunny. David is his exact double, they have the same face! Yet, Julian is the only one who can see the similarities. 

Is it hallucination? Paranoia? Or something more insidious? 

Under the heavy influence of an ever-playing hypnosis infomercial, brother and sister begin to break apart - her towards a new lover and sycophantic persistence; him towards delusion, sociopathy and mania. 

DIRECTOR: Amanda Kramer 

WRITERS: Amanda Kramer and Noel Taylor

PRODUCERS: Katrina Kudlick and Sophie Kargman

Target Audience: 25+, cinephiles, artists