Miss Dixie High is a feature screenplay currently in development based on the completed short proof of concept film Miss Dixie High. This page is home for information and updates on both films. 

Social Issue(s): Beauty pageant ethics, sexual abuse, domestic violence, racism, female empowerment, religion. 


Filmmakers' diversity demographic(s): Female writer/director. Black co-writer. 


Target Audience(s): Young adult, thriller audiences, women, people of color.


Additional Projects in development based on this property: Feature film screenplay titled Miss Dixie High by Jenna Cavelle and Xavier Burgin. 


Logline/Synopsis: When the local high school beauty pageant offers a college scholarship to the winning contestant, Shelly imagines a future beyond her abusive home life and does whatever it takes to break free. Filmed on location at a junkyard/trailer compound, chain-linked fences frame key story moments to portray characters as trapped, abandoned cars and deteriorating machines symbolize social decay often associated with the southern United States. A coming of age story that digs deep into the complex nature of familial, mother-daughter, and male-female relations, remarking thoughtfully on stereotypes without perpetuating them. Passes Bechdel test and features themes of sexual and emotional abuse, codependency, patriarchy, beauty, stereotypes, entrapment, desperation.

DIRECTOR & WRITER: Jenna Cavelle

PRODUCER: Derek Sepe


Johnson Thomasson

EDITING: Derek Sepe


SCORE: Bryan Curt Kostors

TRT: 6:01 minutes with credits