Intervene is a completed narrative short film by Her Pictures. The film is currently running the festival circuit. 

Logline: INTERVENE is a surreal, hypnogogic parable about an unstable young man whose family feeds his madness by staging religious visions.


Synopsis: JAMES is a sickly recluse whose sterile apartment full of wilting rotting things reflects his existential languor. Meanwhile, James’ family are lunching and discussing James. He has been experiencing visions and believes he’s seeing God. The next morning, a pink mist rolls into James’ room, beckoning him out to the patio where a large pink boxy construct, almost like a stage, sticks out like a flower amidst weeds. James approaches the pink place. Within the stage is a squat cloaked FIGURE, entirely draped in the pink fabric that his family has tailored.

James, thinking he is in the presence of God, speaks to the Figure. He’s suddenly filled with a need to touch the Figure and rips the fabric of its cloak. Beneath the cloak is the hand of his sister. James realizes that all of his visions, from the beginning, have been staged by the women in his family.

DIRECTOR: Amanda Kramer 

WRITERS: Amanda Kramer and Noel Taylor

PRODUCERS: Rebecca Perkins and Ben Shearn

STARRING: Jane Adams, Emily Robinson, Kate Lyn Sheil, and Noel Taylor