HER  IMPACT  TOOL  (HIT) was created by Her Pictures in partnership with USC's Media Institute for Social Change through the Deinenger Foundation Grant to measure the social impact of advocacy filmmakers on their audiences.


HIT! is Her Pictures investors' primary tool for tracking measurable change every dollar they invest has on the audiences of the films they finance. 

METHODS:  Utilizing four primary data sources: viewership, social media, public opinion, and individual/community action, HIT examines the impact of advocacy films on its audiences to inspire behavioral and attitudinal change. The reach of advocacy films across multiple platforms including but not limited to DVD/Bluray sales, event screenings, theatrical screenings, online streaming, private screenings, social media conversations, and civic engagement will be measured to reveal impact. Measurement is carried out through data (proprietary services) and open-source providers (YouTube and Vimeo) for viewership, through a fee-for-service web crawler for social media conversations and specific viewer targeting, national and local online public opinion surveys, survey programming, and analysis in partnership with a market research firm if needed. 

KEY FINDINGS: After data collection is finalized, analysis begins and proprietary data is made available to investors including: audience viewership report, demographic analysis report, social issue resonance report, social action and social conversation response breakdowns, and a broad trend report. This mixed-dataset method will provide key insights to the funder and filmmaker for use in future audience engagement and social advocacy campaigning for the case study title and future titles. Ultimately the HIT model helps investors track the impact of every dollar they spend on Her Pictures projects.