Bark is a completed narrative short film and co-production between Freedom 2K Films, Rosegold Pictures and Her Pictures. Bark is an official selection of Fantastic Fest, Monster Fest and Toronto After Dark.

Logline: BARK is a surreal portrait of the insecurity, competition and bitterness at the core of complex female relationships and the contemporary feminine psyche.


Synopsis: The characters of BARK speak in a heavily affected, metaphorical vernacular – a poetic expression of their subconscious, rather than a literal representation of their thoughts. Their conversation – by turns tense, maddening, circular and enigmatic – posits that true communication in the midst of buried resentment is an absurd, meaningless, and potentially dangerous venture.

DIRECTOR: Amanda Kramer 

WRITERS: Amanda Kramer and Ben Shearn

PRODUCERS: Rebecca Perkins

STARRING: Gina Piersanti and Lucia Ribisi